Company introduction

Greetings! Thank you for visiting ENERGYCUBE.

ENERGYCUBE is a business aiming at development of eco-friendly Sustainable Energy and has launched ENERGYCUBE in
the geothermal energy sector among new renewable energy markets such as solar heat energy, wind power energy, tidal
energy, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy, etc. that are currently constructed.
ENERGYCUBE has enabled heating/cooling by one unit of instrument, and has acquired KS certification with a high-

efficiency ground source(geothermal) heat pump using eco-friendly refrigerants.(KS B 8292, water to water ground source heat pump unit)
In addition, verification and control of operation states for heating/cooling in web and mobile are possible by
convergence of IoT technology, and several units of heat pump can be verified/controlled by one unit of mobile device by

utilizing Bluetooth technology-based Beacon.
Our ENERGYCUBE always provides the best products and will strive to be born again as an eco-friendly business
developing Sustainable Energy that considers manager’s convenience and natural environments.

Thank you.