Management system for ENERGYCUBE

Smart remote management system
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State notification system
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Provision of dashboard

Verification function for position-based state · Utilization of Beacon (Bluetooth) technology
· Verification of inherent information for heat pump upon access by manager
· Transmission of the current state of the most adjacent heat pump to Mobile instrument
· Diagnosis and alarm function for heat pump utilizing IoT
· Development of Application for Mobile instrument
It is the service allowing verification of information on the heat pump within the Beacon communication range when the
manager’s mobile phone reaches near the heat pump while several units of heat pump are operating by using
Beacon (Bluetooth), providing convenience for manager’s facility management by allowing the current operation status of
the heat pump to be verified without the manager separately checking up the heat pump.

위치기반 히트펌프 상태확인 기능

Acquisition of heat pump information utilizing Beacon technology 비콘 기술을 활용한 히트펌프 정보 획득

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