Features of ENERGYCUBE and system configuration diagram

High-efficiency geothermal source heat pump Application of 7” full touch screen and verification of operation states for heating/cooling - Verifiction of water temperatures on load side & geothermal heat side
- Verification of discharge temperature from compressor
- Verification of pressures at inlet/outlet of compressor(Digital pressure sensor)

loT 융합기술

Convergence of IoT technology Transmission & reception of wireless data utilizing IT technology
- Development of receiver for wireless reception & control of signals generated from heat pump
- Communication module outputting wired (Serial) output information from controller to Wi-Fi, etc.
- Relay for integrared transmission of each heat pump information
- Transmission of data benerated at a given time interval
- Data storage function upon occurrence of dissability in data transmission & reception

Verification & control of operation states of heat pump through Web & Mobile
- Discovery of abnormality status for operation state data collected from heat pump
through statistical techniques nd provision of this by notification (text, mail, SNS,etc.) services
- Data mining analysis and optimum control of the acquired data
- Remote control system ON/OFF for heat pump, temperature setting, heating/cooling conversion, etc.

Configuration diagram for heat pump system 지열에너지