What is geothermal (heat)?

Geothermal heat is a common designation for soil, underground water, surface water, etc.,

( Geothermal heat generally refers to groun, groundwater and surfacewater. )
Geothermal heat is the energy with about 51% of solar heat stored undergrground through ground surface and
sea level which can supply heating / cooling and hot water to buildings, etc. by using underground heat with a constant temperature
(14~20℃) at a underground depth of 20~200m , underground water,and surface water for heat pump.
(About 50% of solar heat is stored in the ground through the surface and sea level. Geothermal heat, which has a constant temperature
(14 ~ 20℃) at a depth of 20 ~ 200m below ground, can supply cooling, heating and hot water to a building using a heat pump.)


Since Geothermal energy is the enegy
that the earth itself has, it is sustainable energy with unlimited potential.