• What is the mandatory use project of alternative energy ?

    The project that made mandatory for more than mandatory supply ratio (18% in 2016) of the expected energy usage to be supplied with new or renewable energy for buildings of more than total area of 1,000㎡ that are newly built, expanded or rebuilt

  • How is the geothermal heat pump operated ?

    Heat pump plays the role of moving thermal energy to another place. In particular, geothermal heat pump plays the role of transmitting the thermal energy stored in the earth or underground water to inside of buildings.

  • What are the reasons that the geothermal heat pump has a high efficiency?

    In general, as air-type heat pumps have difficult conditions to absorb heat from outside air or discharge it to outside air in severe cold season or severe hot season, air-cooled heat pump efficiency decreases. On the other hand, geothermal heat pumps can always maintain the best performance by using a constant underground temperature (about 15℃).

  • Does Geothermal inlet temperature affect performance?

    Geothermal inlet temperature refers to the temperature of circulating water entering from the underground loop into the heat pump. In general, temperature change of 1℃ brings about approximately of change in performance.

  • Is the geothermal heat pump capable of both heating and cooling ?

    An advantage of the heat pump is to be able to execute both heating and cooling. Through operation of heating/cooling control switch, heating and cooling modes can be easily converted. In the cooling mode, the heat pump takes heat from the indoors to dispose it into the ground, while indoor temperatures are made to be maintained by releasing the heat absorbed from inside the ground into indoors in the heating mode.

  • While I understand VP Korea as an IT business, where then are the products of geothermal heat pump produced ?

    ‘ENERGYCUBE is a product that is directly produced and sold by VP Korea.

  • What are capacities of the geothermal heat pumps in production?

    The geothermal heat pumps produced by us are ‘ENERGYCUBE’, using an eco-friendly alternative refrigerant of R410a. ENERGYCUBE’with a capacity of 10RT ~ 50RT is being produced, and development of large-capacity geothermal heat pump of more than 100RT is in progress. For detailed contents, please see, the product catalog.

  • What are the features of Energycube?

    ‘ENERGYCUBE’ is a smart heat pump having excellent low noise/low vibration and durability with convergence of IoT technology.

  • What technologies were applied for low vibration/low noise and improved durability of ENERGYCUBE?

    ‘ENERGYCUBE’ has had heat pump structure of low vibration/low noise designed through NVH analysis based on 3D design, and reliability for durability of the heat pump has been secured by the durable strength analysis. In addition, heat transfer characteristics in a heat exchanger using a thermal imaging camera were reviewed and utilized for optimum selection of heat exchangers. And optimum design was implemented using design of experiment of the independently-developed NEOTIDEⓇSTAT.

  • I understand that IoT has been converged with the geothermal heat pump. What technologies have been applied?

    Wireless data transmission/reception system utilizing IT technology has been developed and installed in ‘ENERGYCUBE’. For this purpose, a communication module that wirelessly transmits the signals generated in the heat pump were developed by independent technology for installation in the heat pump, which allows securing of data continuity by storing data of a given period when disability occurred in data transmission. And, Beacon technology has been utilized to allow verification of the state of position-based heat pump.

  • What is the maintenance management technology only of ENERGYCUBE?

    ‘ENERGYCUBE’ is operating a Rule-based heat pump diagnostic system. This allows operation of a heat pump system by recognition of data pattern acquired through continuous use and personal preparation of rules by the users for operation of the heat pump system, and is a system devised so as to maintain and manage unique characteristics that occur repeatedly. In addition, continuous research and development is being implemented to develop the optimum control system, etc. utilizing artificial intelligence as well as the prediction and diagnosis functions for breakdowns that can occur through utilization of statistical analysis techniques for data, etc.